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Being an athletic competitor, group & personal trainer, I put myself through some "eXtreme"

regimes all in the name of better health and a better body by the day.
I knew I wanted and needed regular massages, as well as chiropractic care.

You see our bodies don't stay in perfect alignment through the course of a year or

years when we strength train, because we are longer or shorter on one side of the body.

Stronger and weaker on opposite sides of the body, etc. So our muscles tend to

pull and stretch our bones because we are so imbalanced.

Anyway that's why I knew I needed to incorporate that into my regime.

I met Dr. Donald A. Ozello and he started care on me.
The first session I had was an immediate result. He adjusted me because I knew I'm stronger on

one side than the other which resulted in one of my shoulders being lower than the other.

When he adjusted me I took two days off from my workout to allow my body to adjust to his

work. I instantly slept better, but more importantly I went to the gym 48 hours later and I certainly

felt STRONGER, true story. I know it was because of the adjustment and the rest. Needless to say

I recommend seeing him. I still continue to receive care by Dr. Donald A. Ozello of Championship

Chiropractic and I highly recommend him.

Bryce Brandon - NGA Pro




Dr Donald A Ozello DC of Championship Chiropractic is the best. When I was having back problems
during the football season he was the only person was able to fix my problems
and because of that I was able to get back out on the field.

Adam Bergen
TE #87 Las Vegas Locos



Dr. Donald A Ozello DC of Championship Chiropractic has been extremely helpful
in keeping my body balanced and properly aligned so that I can be 100 percent for every
football game. He goes above and beyond to spend the extra time needed to make sure all injured areas are
attended to and that I feel at my very best.

Chase Clement
2009-2010 Las Vegas Locomotives QB



As an athlete, keeping my body in shape and overall good health are important to me.

I was referred to Dr. Donald A. Ozello from a fellow triathlete after having serious neck, back and

shoulder issues during training. On my first visit with Dr. Ozello, we sat down and discussed everything

from my training schedule and my history of injuries, to the current symptoms I was experiencing.

This immediately set him apart from other chiropractors I had seen, and even some doctors. After

my first adjustment I started to feel better the next day. I went for another adjustment, let my body

rest, and then began to startup my training again. My body responded well to each treatment, and my

confidence grew with every visit. It felt good to be able to train pain free.

My future visits were then scheduled based upon my input and how my body was reacting to the

treatment. Most chiropractors will have you come in more than needed in my opinion,

with Dr. Ozello this was not the case.

Dr. Ozello is very knowledgeable and always answers my questions in a way that I, the patient, can

understand. I currently drive from the other side of town to see Dr. Ozello and will continue to for my

chiropractic needs, because he has my best interests in mind. Championship Chiropractic is no doubt the

best place to receive chiropractic care whether you are an athlete, injured, or someone in need of a great

adjustment. Thank you Dr. Ozello for getting me back on track to completing my first triathlon!

C. M.



My boxing trainer brought me to Dr Donald A Ozello DC of Championship Chiropractic a couple days
before I was scheduled to fight. It was actually the
first time we meet. A nerve in my lower back was pinched pretty bad and I felt
pain all the way down to my left knée. The fight was coming up in a few days, I've
got a mental pressure like everybody else before a fight and a physical pain
that wouldn't go away just by using pain relief meds. After the first
treatment I felt much better. I came one more time right before a fight. I felt
very good and nothing was bothering me any more. I could move around very easy. I won
the fight and would like to thank Dr Donald Ozello for his excellent job .




Dr. Donald Ozello

I would like to "Thank You" for realigning my spine, neck and head. After coming off a 50 city World Tour,

sleeping on different tour buses, staying in different hotels, flying in different airlines and working.

Your body gets used and abused. It's great to know that when I get home...Dr Donald A Ozello

DC of Championship Chiropractic is there to fix me.

Robert "Berto" Perdomo



“Dr. Ozello is the greatest chiropractor I have ever been treated by. I have had back & hip pain for years.

The pain would come and go and just make me feel miserable. I was taking a 16 hour flight to

Australia and could not imagine sitting on a plane for so long. I went to Dr. Donald Ozello and in four

sessions my pain was gone. AND I have had NO pain in the last 2 years. Thank you Dr. O!”

M. S.






I have been a patient of Dr Donald Ozello for almost 2 years and can’t say enough great things about him.

I was living with tingling in my legs making it difficult to walk. I had seen doctor after doctor and had
countless x-rays, nothing seemed to help until Dr Donald Ozello worked his magic. Thank you Dr Ozello.

N. G.






I have been an advocate of Chiropractic Treatment for over 20 years. In that time,

I have been a patient of quite a number of Chiropractors. This has allowed me to really get to experience a

number of different styles. Having been in NV for the last 10 years, I did not find a Chiropractor in

Las Vegas I would stick with until I met Dr. Donald Ozello.

Some Chiropractors are too soft and have no strength leaving you feeling not 'fully adjusted'.

Others have been way too hard. Dr. Ozello has that great balance of enough

strength to do the job without going too hard or too soft.

Some Chiropractors adjust you 1-2-3 and get you out the door asap. It feels like you pay

for 2 minutes. What I like about Dr. Ozello is that he doesn't rush the appointment.

He has spent time massaging areas and pushing on trigger points prior to

adjustments if he felt it was necessary and beneficial.

I know of one Chiropractor who would train his staff to have his patients lying face down

before he came in the room, not wanting much patient contact. Others talk to you

as they adjust you but it's very impersonal. In contrast, Dr. Donald Ozello relates to his patients and

treats them like they matter to him as individual people. You are not a time slot on his

appointment calendar but a person that matters to him.

Dr. Ozello spends a great deal of time on radio call-in programs and writing articles

and giving seminars to help educate the public. He doesn't just wait for people to

come to him. Rather, he is out and about in the community reaching

out to people and educating them on Chiropractic and Wellness topics.

I especially like that he answers his own phone messages and emails and doesn't

run everything through an assistant first when you need to reach him.

You can also see that Dr. Donald Ozello practices what he advocates. He is in shape and athletic.

He is not like a number of overweight unhealthy medical practioners that tell you

to do one thing while obviously not doing it themselves.

K. M.






As a professional dancer, Pilates and Kettlebell instructor and fitness enthusiast I put

my body through a lot of physical activity and strain on a daily basis. Dr Donald Ozello has been

my chiropractor for over a year now and he takes excellent care of his patients. My body feels so

much better now than it did a year ago when I started seeing him. I highly recommend his services.

He can help you get out of pain, as well as maintain a healthy pain-free body!

Vanessa Raymond






I want to share my story with my experience with Dr. Donald Ozello. One morning upon rising I could not stand up

straight, I was completely bent over. It was on a Saturday, I called Dr. Ozello and he met me at

his office on his day off. When I got there he was very caring and professional, by the next Saturday after a
few visits to see him I was standing upright and within 10 days I was pain free thanks to him.

Through visits to him and some physical therapy I have no more back problems. A couple times a month

I go in just to keep everything straight. You can see that he loves his job and cares a great deal about

his patients. I highly recommend him to all my friends.

S. J.






Dr. Donald Ozello of Championship Chiropractic has been treating my hips and knees for the

past 2 months and my condition has improved quite a bit. Now I can walk comfortably without

having my left knee lock up. Now he is working on my shoulders (from playing tennis), and I am

already feeling better. I saw several chiropractic doctors for the same issues in the past but I found

Dr. Ozello really knows what he is doing. In addition, he is very professional and kind. As you know it can

be pretty apprehensive to have someone maneuver your body but I feel at ease in Dr. Donald Ozello's

hands. I will definitely continue to see him until my problems are completed cured."

L. Z.





Dear Dr Donald Ozello DC

I cannot tell you how much our family appreciates all you do for us. I want to let you know that

my personal experience with you has been one that can't be replaced. You have walked me through some

serious shoulder pain among other things. I cannot thank you enough for being here for me and your guidance for
rehabilitating through exercise, stretching, explaining and of course your treatments. I have passed your

name to friends and family and let them know my personal experience with you has been such a life saver.

D. F.






Dr. Donald Ozello is a chiropractor who I trust and have lots of respect for. He just gets it.
Dr. Darian Parker





Hi my name is Vincent Brown a 6 time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and Pro Boxer.

Over the years I participated in over 200 boxing bouts in some of the toughest USA Amateur Boxing

Tournaments in the country. I ran 3 to 5 miles a day for approximately 15 years during my boxing career.

As a top rated amateur boxer in the United States performing in 2 different Olympic Trial

Box Off Tournaments. I put my body through the most grueling toughest workouts you can imagine

getting ready for each and every fight I was ever in. I've also been a personal trainer for over 20

plus years as I lifted weights with the late great Denny Gable from Cedar Rapids, IA.

I said all that to say this. My lower back has been through Hell and back and then some with how hard

I worked out over the years with the most recent extreme pain that lasted the entire year of 2010 where I

was getting cortisone shots and prescribed Flexeril, Soma, and 800 mg Tylenol pills to deal with the pain.

The sad part about all this pain and suffering was I knew Dr Donald Ozello as a Chiropractic Doctor during

the whole year I was going through the pain with my low back and hips.

Having had an unfortunate Chiropractic experience back in Iowa where I'm from didn't give me the confidence

to think trying Chiropractic medicine again because of my one time bad experience. Now I was at the point of

getting a spinal tap to relieve the year long pain I was constantly in when all of a sudden I thought let

me give my buddy Donny a try.

In a few weeks Dr. Donald A. Ozello was able to restore my body back to its proper natural body alignment

and functioning in what I allowed to go unchecked for over 1 year with extreme pain. I want people to know

how professional and caring Donny is when it comes to helping people get their lives back.

Donny literally saved  my life as he not only relieved my severe pain in a few weeks but helped me keep

my job as a personal trainer which I need to have the mobility in training my clients effectively.

Only God knows what Donny did to help me get my life back through his Chiropractic care as I once thought

how can a person live with this kind of pain. Donny's technique and pressure point method with his hands made

all the difference in giving me back my life and that is why I recommend Donny to all those who know the pain

I spoke of. If what I wrote isn't convincing enough to give Donny a try then e-mail me at bodybyvince@yahoo.com

and I will surely persuade you through my real life testimony as a satisfied patent

of Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC of Championship Chiropractic.

Vincent Brown








I had low back pain and a pinched nerve that would cause me lots of problems. Even after only one

visit to Dr Donald Ozello I left with much less pain and was better able to function. After a few visits I

was virtually pain free. Thanks to Dr Donald Ozello my back hasn't been a problem. He is very good at

what he does and is very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Dr Donald Ozello of Championship Chiropractic

to anyone looking for a good chiropractor.

M. M.







Dr. Donald Ozello has your best interests in mind at his practice. I have gone to visit Dr. Donald Ozello

numerous times and every time he is on time, precise and thorough. He talks to you to find out what is

bothering you, and will go into detail on what he will do during treatment to ensure not only instant relief but

long term as well. If your back is ailing you, Dr. Donald Ozello of Championship Chiropractic is the one

to see. Very highly recommended.

R. W.







I work out in gym regularly and quite often I hurt myself. Well, Nov 2009 I ran and landed my right

foot in the wrong way and it hurt much. I massaged, iced, heated, put ointment on, and rested it but it never came

back to me. I thought of giving it some time and let the body heal itself but 4 or 5 months passed and I never

had confidence of bending the foot the way it should again. I could not run and thought I would use some other

different cardio exercises instead. However, on my buddy's recommendation, I met Dr. Donald Ozello of Championship

Chiropractic in April of 2010. With in a few visits, I was able to bend it, do calfing, and run again. It's amazing! Just

only 4 or 5 sessions. I wished I had known so I didn't have to wait so long to get back to my cardio again. I have to give

him two thumbs up for that and many more issues later he helped me with. I got partial carpal tunnel syndrome and he

had helped me get better and at least not go into surgery just yet which was the last thing on my mind. He went above

and beyond to think of and find the right solution for me and each and every patient, I am sure. I felt like he took my

problem as his and together with me to work on it. I felt like being truly taken care of, which I was so appreciating. He is

very patient, kind, caring. He is truly into his practice as well as his patients. I am so happy that I have met him and had

him as my chiropractor; feel like I am in a good hand. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is hurt, needs help,

and/or even just wants to keep your body in the right condition for the long run. Thank you so much Dr. Donald Ozello.

Keep up the great work!

N. N.








I started seeing Dr. Donald A Ozello of Championship Chiropractic about 3 years ago when I injured my shoulder

playing Softball. He was able to fell how my shoulder was out of alignment and used chiropractics to loosen the

injured muscles so my shoulder would sit in it's normal position and I could play injury free. I started doing Triathlons

over the last few years and I go see Dr. Donald Ozello every few months to make sure that everything is aligned to

prevent any further or reoccurring injuries. I highly recommend Dr. Donald Ozello for his knowledge, skill and easy to talk to attitude.

T. A.






I am an avid marathon runner and I hurt my knee a few months prior to my treatments

to Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC of Championship Chiropractic.
On the first visit, he gave an incredibly thorough review of my knee and injury history.
From there, he set me on the path to recovery with fantastic knee, hip, back, and foot adjustments,
and, equally importantly, set me on a path to much better stretching and foam rolling path.
Not only did this speed my recovery, but it will certainly help prevent future injuries.
I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Ozello to everyone, but especially athletes who are trying to come back from injury.

Casey Reinl








I have had major issues with my right shoulder/rotator cuff for the last few years.
I was told I had tendonitis and went through weeks of physical therapy and even had
cortisone shots and plasma injections to try and alleviate the pain. When I started
training for my first fitness competition I began having additional issues with my
shoulder due to the extra load I was putting on my body. I decided to call Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC
of Championship Chiropractic to see if he could help. Am so glad I did! Being treated once a week
has made a huge difference. I no longer have the issues and am able to work out pain free!
I would highly recommend Dr. Ozello to anyone. He takes the time to listen to the problems you are having.
He explains thoroughly what the diagnosis is as well as how he is going to treat you.
He ensures you are comfortable during each visit and also follows up after your appointment to see how you are doing.
Thank you Dr. Ozello for helping me prepare for my first fitness competition!!

Carol Browning




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