Spine Health: Lumbar Support

Support your spine while sitting to improve your spinal health. Utilize lumbar support in your office chair or car to lessen pressure on your spine.

In medical terminology the lower back is named the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine possesses five vertebrae and a natural forward curvature. When sitting in proper posture the posterior aspect of the forward curved lumbar spine does not make contact with the chair.

When placed properly between the lumbar spine and the chair a lumbar support pillow provides a greater amount of surface area contact. The larger amount of the lower back that contacts the lumbar support helps maintain correct posture and prevent fatigue.

High quality lumbar support pillows contain memory foam. Memory foam contours to the shape of the user’s spine while providing support throughout the entire lumbar spine.

Lumbar supports come in multiple shapes and sizes. Many lumbar support pillows are convex in the front and flat in the back. This ideal shape perfectly fills in the natural gap between the lumbar spine and the chair.

 Office chairs and car seats often have lumbar support built in. Set these built-in supports at the correct height with the proper amount of forward curvature for optimum results.

 Proper sitting ergonomics is vital to the prevention and management of repetitive strain injuries and static position injuries. Proper lumbar support is a key ingredient to computer work station ergonomics.

When the lumbar spine is supported it is easier to maintain proper posture. When a lumbar support is utilized the user will immediately feel if the pillow shifts thus alerting him to reposition himself back into good posture. When the lower back is supported properly it is more difficult to move the middle back and neck into poor posture.

The human body is designed for motion, not long hours of sitting. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting at the computer work station or in the car have become a way of life. Utilize a lumbar support pillow or the built-in lumbar support to prevent pain and symptoms.

Proper lumbar support is the foundation of correct sitting posture. Build a solid base to support your spine while sitting.

Incorporate lumbar support into your spinal health strategies to prevent and manage sitting-related injuries. Merge proper sitting ergonomics with exercise, nutrition and chiropractic care to achieve and maintain spinal strength, flexibility, motion and health.

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