Spine Health: Zero-Gravity Position

Improve the health of your spine by utilizing the zero-gravity position. Decompress your spine and decrease muscle tension in the zero-gravity position.

Correct ergonomic positioning is a key ingredient to achieving and maintaining a healthy spine. Sitting and lying in a position that lessens pull on the spinal muscles and reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs is imperative to spine health.

The therapeutic benefits of the zero-gravity position on the spine include: Vertebral decompression, decreased hip flexor muscle tension and improved circulation in the lower extremities.

The zero-gravity concept was first developed by NASA research scientists when they were searching for the best position for the astronauts during launch. This position is the exact position the body naturally moves into when floating in zero-gravity, hence the name zero-gravity position.

In the zero-gravity position the spine, hips and knees are placed in very specific angles. These angles relax the powerful hip flexor muscles. The hip flexor muscles originate in the lower spine, attach to the pelvis, and then attach to the upper thigh. Contraction of the hip flexor muscles raise the knee toward the chest. Relaxation of the hip flexor muscles reduces their pull on the spine and pelvis.

The zero-gravity position reduces compression of the spine. The intervertebral disc (IVD) serves as a shock distributor between the vertebrae. Compression of the vertebrae may result in nerve impingement and pain. Spinal decompression in the zero-gravity position helps lessen nerve impingement and pain.

Zero-Gravity Recliner: Low back pain sufferer’s benefit a great deal from sitting in a zero-gravity recliner. Reclining in an ergonomically designed zero-gravity chair is the best way to achieve the zero-gravity position.

The zero-gravity position reduces the amount of force exerted on the spine by decompressing the spinal column and lessening muscle tension. These therapeutic effects are extremely effective and may be felt immediately.

When reclined to its fullest the zero-gravity recliner positions the body so the legs are higher than the heart. This position improves blood flow in the legs and promotes relaxation.

Leg Wedge: Those with lower back conditions can utilize a leg wedge while lying supine. A proper sized, foam filled leg wedge flexes the hips and knees to closely resemble the zero-gravity position.

Incorporate the zero-gravity position into your spinal health strategies. Decompress the spinal column, reduce IVD pressure and lower muscle tension to achieve a greater level of spine health. Combine the usage of a zero-gravity recliner with proper workstation ergonomics, correct exercise technique, consistent chiropractic care, proper nutrition and supplementation to develop and maintain a healthy spine.

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