Spine Health: Vitamin D

Utilize vitamin D to build a healthy spine. The health benefits of vitamin D are numerous. This article will concentrate on vitamin D’s positive effects on bone health.

Vitamin D is required for strong bones. The spinal column consists of bones called vertebra. Keep your vertebrae healthy and strong with the correct intake of vitamin D.

 Maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis with proper absorption and intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D is nicknamed the sunshine vitamin because it is manufactured in the body in response to sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that works with calcium to build and maintain a healthy skeleton.

 Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D deficiency leads to insufficient dietary calcium absorption. The body removes calcium stores from the skeleton if absorption is low. Removal of calcium stores in the skeleton weakens bones and prevents formation of new bone growth. Vertebrae are weakened in this unhealthy process.

Bone loss cannot be found on x-ray until at least thirty percent of the bone strength is removed. At this point the bone is severely weakened. Symptoms, poor posture and limited motion in the spine are usually apparent at this point.

Osteoporosis and vertebral body compression fractures result from weakened vertebrae.

Prevent bone weakening and stay symptom free with the correct intake of vitamin D. Maintain strong bones, good posture and spinal motion by providing your body healthy levels of vitamin D.

 Absorption of vitamin D is rapid and prolific in the summer sun. Exposure to midday summer sun without sunscreen is not recommended. Obtain an effective dosage of vitamin D with ten to twenty minutes of non-peak sunlight 3 to 4 times a week. Wear a tank top and shorts for maximum skin exposure.

 Obtain vitamin D through nutrition year round but especially during the winter. Ocean caught herring and salmon provide large quantities of vitamin D. Fortified milk, eggs and fortified juice are easily obtainable sources of vitamin D.

Reliable vitamin D level testing is available. Supplement your diet with Cod Liver Oil, vitamin D and a multi-vitamin containing sufficient quantities of vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium and magnesium.

Attain healthy quantities of vitamin D through sun exposure and intelligent nutrition strategies. Utilize vitamin D in conjunction with exercise, proper ergonomics, Chiropractic care and proper self-treatment to build and maintain lifelong spine health.

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