Why Nutrition Matters

Nutrition and exercise are the foremost tools for a healthier life. Combine proper nutrition with consistent exercise to increase your health, fitness and function.

Nutrition is vital for life. Proper nutrition is essential for favorable health, fitness and functionality.

The human body is incredibly resilient. Someone with poor dietary habits may be alive for many years but they are not healthy. To be truly healthy, one must eat right and exercise regularly.

Utilize dietary strategies that work for you to achieve optimum health. Function at your peak with proper nutrition. Feed your brain and body to achieve success.

Exercise builds strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Exercise is one important aspect of the health equation. Nutrition is the other main ingredient in the achievement and continuance of health and fitness.

Genetics plays a role in our health. All of us possess genetic susceptibility to all diseases. The genetic factor of most diseases can be altered by environmental factors.

The two greatest environmental factors we control are nutrition and exercise. How we move and develop fitness promotes health and lowers risk of disease and injury. The healthy foods we consume bolster health and decrease probability of acquiring a debilitating disorder.

The brain and body require constant energy. Good eating habits delivery necessary nutrients to the brain, organs and musculoskeletal system on a consistent basis. The body’s systems function synergistically and rely on a steady fuel source. Good nutritional strategies are this fuel source.

Inflammation is the underlying source of many diseases. The foods we consume are the number one weapon against inflammation. Consumption of inflammation reducing foods lowers the risk of acquiring a life altering disease.

Boost immunity and fight disease with healthy dietary strategies. Nutrient dense fruits and vegetables contain an array of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Eat antioxidant rich foods to render disease causing free radicals harmless. Get healthier by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Control your body composition through exercise and nutrition. Improve your muscle to fat ratio with nutritional strategies that work for you. Consume your required caloric intake and the carbohydrate, fat and protein ratio that works best for you.

Nutritional or dietary strategies are not a diet. They are a lifestyle approach designed to enhance health, build fitness and optimize function. Nutrition matters because the implementation of educated dietary decisions impact our lives in a positive fashion.

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**Disclaimer: Always consult a medical professional before beginning an exercise program. Always work within your capabilities. Never perform an exercise that elicits or increases pain or symptoms. Reading this article and viewing the linked videos does not take the place of seeing a medical professional. Please visit a medical professional for evaluation, diagnosis & treatment.

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