Stretching with the Exercise Ball

The large exercise ball, known as the fitball, is a valuable tool for stretching the spine and extremities. The spherical shape of the exercise ball makes stretching the spine easier and more effective.

Stretching on the fitball can be performed by beginners and advanced athletes. The fitball is employed by therapy and injury rehabilitation centers … Read the rest

Exercise Ball for Spine Health

The large exercise ball, known as the fitball, has many valuable uses. In this article, I will use the name fitball to eliminate confusion. One of the most beneficial effects of the fitball is for spine health, especially the intervertebral disc.

The intervertebral disc (IVD) is located in between vertebrae. The disc works by distributing … Read the rest

Spine Health when Traveling

Enjoy your traveling by limiting back and neck pain. Plan ahead to stay as pain-free as possible when traveling. Often times the origin of travel-related pain is long hours in static positions, inadequate spine support, carrying heavy luggage, performing activities you are not used to performing and using different pillows and mattresses.

Prolonged Static Positions:

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